Research and development

Development of own technologies

Hydroponic systems

We combine academic knowledge and agricultural practices to achieve the most useful results. We develop cultivation technologies with the strictest demands for the health safety of the materials used. Another important parameter is durability of the technology. The vast majority of components of our technologies are manufactured directly in the Czech Republic in cooperation with partner companies or our subcontractors.

Plant nutrition and cultivation

We have more than five years of experiences in fertilizer development and plant nutrition. We understand plants and their environment demands. All the knowledge we gain in research is directly transferred to develop and operate our technologies. At the same time, our customers are kept up to date with latest research results in the field of plant cultivation, so that they also achieve the best results.

Process procedures

We pay close attention to optimizing the cultivation process so that it is as efficient as possible. The most important criterion is to achieve the highest productivity with the least work.

We critically evaluate all ideas from our laboratories in practice. We operate a hydroponic farm so we can objectively evaluate the usefulness and practicality of all our ideas.

OUR Experiences


More than 5 years of experience in the field of hydroponic plant cultivation and fertilizer development.

From the beginning, we went through the development of the whole technology and learned a lot of things along the way.

We run a commercial hydroponic farm in a greenhouse, where we grow leafy greens and herbs.

In our laboratory in Neratovice, we are constantly testing new growing methods and optimizing the process and technology.


Šimon Břeský

CEO, research and development

Jaroslav Antoš

Sales and marketing

Jaroslav Křtěn

Manufacture supervision

Jaroslav Pekař

IT automatization

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